Expected outcomes of the project

Integrating data from the current research with the recent data on morphological and life-history characteristics of the Mosor rock lizard from the same locations, could give useful insights into current situation, help to establish further monitoring of population trends and conservation strategies for preserving of the species and its habitats.
Since no information exists on the Prokletije rock lizard, this project will give first data on some demographic parameters and help to make recommendations for protection measures and monitoring program for this stenoendemic species.
Acquired data could be the base for taking an initiative for protection of currently unprotectedn areas, such as type locality of the Prokletije rock lizard.
Gathering information on specific biological communities could lead to implementation of more effective management strategies for species-specific needs, such as improving fire management prevention.
Data on habitat requirements and topographic factors will establish a baseline for future investigation of other key areas where these lizards are suspected to occur.
Educational campaign is expected to transform possible negative attitude toward the Reptiles, to increase knowledge on existence of endemic lizards and on importance of their protection and conservation for the biodiversity of Montenegro and the Balkans.