Objectives of the project

Estimation of population size, density and sex ratio of the Mosor rock lizard in two mountains (Prekornica and Lovćen mts.) and of the Prokletije rock lizard at its type locality in Đebeza mt. (Prokletije Mountain Massif).
Identifying possible unknown locations of occurrence of these species within above mentioned mountains.
Identifying habitat requirements and topographic factors that may determine the range limits of both endemic species.
Checking and recording possible threatening factors at studied locations.
Publishing the results of the research in local and international journals.
Lectures on Dinarolacerta spp. and their conservation issues at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and in local schools.
Organizing the roundtable with representatives of decision makers, such as Agency for Environmental Protection and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism in order to introduce our project and to build up the partnership for the further initiatives for conservation of these lizards and their habitats.
Establish connections with regional NGOs to build up future partnership in developing conservation strategies for the Mosor rock lizard on the regional level.
Raise general public awareness on Dinarolacerta spp. existence and the need for protection of the species and their habitats, through an internet presentation, press, radio and TV interviews and distribution of promotional materials (posters, leaflets, T-shirts).