What you can do

Do not clear the forests. Do not cut whitebark pine (Pinus heldreichii) trees for firewood and timber! You won't get good firewood and timber, but will destroy the habitats of Dinarolacerta lizards forever. Have in mind that the whitebark pine is also protected by law in Montenegro!
Do not light bonfires in forest area! Note that the use of fire is prohibited in forests! But if you doing so, be especially careful to put fire out. Note that pine trees are extremely flammable. Never leave bonfires when you leave. Put out matches and cigarettes, do now throw them. If you see a forest fire or smoke plume in the forest, report it to emergency services.
Do not leave litter in the countryside! It pollutes the environment and could cause or contribute to fire.
Educate yourself and talk to your friends about existence and protection of Dinarolacerta lizards and their habitats, and importance of their conservation for the biodiversity of Montenegro. The Prokletije rock lizard lives in Prokletije Mountain Massif and nowhere else in the world. If we destroy its habitat, this species will disappear forever.
Warn if you see destruction of Dinarolacerta lizards habitats (logging and forests burning, garbage dumps, illegal building).
Do not collect or kill the lizards, and warn those who do that.
Familiarize yourself with the list of protected animals and plants in Montenegro download link