A lecture on reptiles of Montenegro and Dinarolacerta lizards in primary school „Milić Keljanović“, Konjuhe village, municipality of Andrijevica

A presentation was given by herpetologist, Dr Katarina Ljubisavljević on reptiles of Montenegro in primary school “Milić Keljanović”, village Konjuhe, municipality of Andrijevica.

The pupils of different ages had the opportunity to learn more about reptile species that inhabit Montenegro, with special reference to Dinarolacerta lizards. The major threats to reptiles that inhabit the area of Andrijevica municipality were presented. The pupils were informed about some of the things that they can do to protect their environment and reptile habitats. The educational material (brochures, T-shirts and poster) were placed in the classroom and distributed to pupils after the lecture.


OS Milic Keljanovic Konjuhe

Primary school “Milić Keljanović”

Pogled na selo Konjuhe

Village Konjuhe landscape

Učenici OŠ Milić Keljanović

Pupils of primary school “Milić Keljanović”

Sa učenicima mlađih razreda

With children of younger grades

Edukativni poster

Educational poster