An educational campaign continued in Ubli, area of Kuči

At the beginning of November we visited elementary school „Đoko Prelević“ in Ubli. The school is located in the area of Kuči, that we have explored this summer and where we have recorded several new sites of the Prokletije rock lizard. We familiarized students from seventh to ninth grade with the basic ecological characteristics of reptiles and species that inhabit Montenegro, with a special emphasis on those that can be found in the area of Kuči. We pointed to the threats that reptiles faced in Montenegro and explained the importance of protecting this group of animals. We stressed the problem of threats to the habitat of the Prokletije rock lizard in the area of Kuči.  After the presentation, the students were given educational and promotional material related to the Dinaric rock lizards. We thank school principal Ljubinka Mićanović and biology teacher Ljiljana Jovićević for their hospitality and help in organizing the lecture.

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