A field study of the Mosor rock lizard in the Mrtvica River canyon

Dinarolacerta mosorensis

Maganik Mt is bounded by the very steep canyon of Mrtvica river to the north, which is one of the most impressive landscapes in Montenegro. During the second half of June 2016, we conducted a population study of the Mosor lizard in this area. In addition to determining the population parameters of this species, we also gathered data on the distribution of other representatives of the herpetofauna. During the fieldwork we became convinced that, for now, Mrtvica river canyon really is one of the few “landscapes of untouched nature” in Montenegro, considering that we have not recorded anthropogenic impacts on reptile habitats.

Dinarolacerta mosorensis

Dinarolacerta mosorensis

Kanjon Mrtvice

Mrtvica  canyon

Kapija želja

Gate of wishes -Mrtvica canyon

Na terenu

Fieldwork in the canyon