A meeting with Forest Administration official in Podgorica

At the end of November we met Mr Momčilo Fatić, forestry engineer, the head of the regional unit of forest administration in Podgorica. We discussed the situation about white-barked pine (Pinus heldreichii) forests in Montenegro regarding their vulnerability to current threats, since the Dinaric rock lizards often occur within or around these wooded areas. What is good for the survival of these forests is that the white-barked pine is not an important timber tree, has great colonising potential and is legally protected in Montenegro. However, forest fire (accidental or deliberate) is seen as the major problem affecting these coniferous or mixed forests. Large areas of white-bark pine forests are destroyed by fires on Mts. Prekornica, Orjen and Štitovo and across Kuči region. According to forest officials in Andrijevica and Podgorica, perhaps the best preserved stands of white-barked pine are on Mt. Zeletin. We appreciate Mr Fatić for constructive discussion and hospitality.

Burnt trees at Građen, Kuči area