The roundtable “Protection of Dinaric rock lizards (Dinarolacerta spp.) and their habitats in Montenegro” held in Podgorica

The roundtable was held on December 16, 2014, in Podgorica. The main aim was to  introduce the project “Research, conservation and promotion of the endemic Balkan rock lizards (Dinarolacerta spp.) in Montenegro” in order to build up the partnership with decision makers, local and regional environmental NGOs for the further initiatives for conservation of these lizards and their habitats.

The roundtable gathered representatives of Secretariat for spatial and urban planning and environmental protection of the Capital City of Podgorica, Administration for Inspection Affairs, NGO “Green Home”, NGO “Croatian Herpetological Society – Hyla”, NGO “Montenegrin Ecologists Society”, Natural History Museum of Montenegro, daily newspaper “Pobjeda” and biology students. The members of the project team Dr Lidija Polović, MSc Vuk Iković and Dr Katarina Ljubisavljević presented first results of the field surveys that provided useful information on the status of several populations of Dinarolacerta lizards and their habitats on Montenegrin mountains. Mrs. Lazarela Kalezić from Secretariat for spatialand urban planning and environmental protection of the Capital City of Podgorica presented the proposal for inclusion of Bukumir Lake and its surrounds (the type locality of D. montenegrina) within the future Regional Park “Komovi mts.”. Boris Lauš, President of Croatian Herpetological Society “Hyla” introduced the current state and perspectives of protection and research of the Mosor rock lizard in Croatia. The suggestions for further initiatives in order to preserve the populations of Dinaric rock lizards and their habitats in Montenegro were given.


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